PC Order Process

When you have interest in a new PC I will ask some questions like what is your budget and what features the PC should have. After that I will propose components aimed at providing the requirements you have and you will receive an offer.

After you agree or change some items on this offer there is about a week of building time required. This will include a perfect cable managed build, tweaked bios settings and an install of windows with all needed drivers to push your experience to where it needs to be! 

Esports Production

Esports production has custom pricing focused towards your needs. This will depend on the size, needed hardware and my exact role.

Productions can be created remotely with call-in casters or guests. This can also be on site with hardware provided by Unitix or you.

If you want more info on this, please don’t hesitate to contact me so we can schedule a meeting where we can discuss the project.

Service Prices



This includes the building process and a basic setup of Windows and BIOS.


This includes the building process for a small form factor PC (20L or less) and a basic setup of Windows and BIOS.


If you prefer to order specific components somewhere else I can also check the compatibility and assemble this pc.



You need to have that new GPU series to get the best FPS in Minesweeper? This will be fixed!



If you have issues with your PC we differentiate between:

  • Hardware issues withing the warranty period: the above cost will not be invoiced.
  • Problem created by software/customer? The above amount will be invoiced.


If you want personal delivery to make sure the PC is transported correctly, this is possible!

Payment Options




BANK Transfer


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