IT Consulting & Esports Production
by Fraise 🍓

IT & Datacenter Consultant

Most of my hours I spend time as a Datacenter consultant. Implementing a country crossing backbone network with network technologies like: BGP, EVPN, Hyperconverged infrastructure,…

Vendors and tools I use on a daily basis:
Juniper, Nutanix, Fortinet, Cloudflare Zero Trust, Ansible,…

Esports & Event Production

Esports has been a passion for me for years. I started production & broadcasting at Kayzr and since then I have seen and developed quite some projects in the local esports scene. 

Most of the time as a “one man crew” but not also bigger productions in cooperation with partners where communication is key.
Take a look at my previous productions to get an idea of what I can offer.

Got the right hardware but not the know-how? I am the person to help you get going and to impress your crowd & sponsors!